Labour Rates / Flat Rate Services


Mississauga – Winter Storage Contract

Grand Valley – Winter Storage Contract

Public Technician Labour Rate: $155/hr* (technical work)

Preferred Customer Labour Rate: $130/hr* (preferred customer status is determined by a 2 year average sales calculation.)

General Labour Rate: $95/hr* (basic cleaning etc.)

Shrink wrapping – $17.00 per linear foot

Engine Winterizing – (pricing based on engine)

Off-Site Service Request – Not Available

*The above rates are for in house work only.*

Storage Rates – Monthly, Seasonally, Annually, Inside and Outside

Designated spots, 24/7 personalized access, 5 minutes from Lakefront Promenade Launch ramp.

Boats Less then 15 Feet (seadoos and dinghies) = $120.00 per month  ($150.00 for Double PWC)

Boats 15-25 Feet = $195.00 per month

Boats 25 feet and larger = Priced per boat contact us for a quote!

**12 month inside storage is not available at this location.  Inside storage is seasonal ONLY and access is restricted.***

Value added services for inside storage customers;

Off season cleaning/detailing; (prices include materials and supplies)

Silver – $8.25 linear foot

Cloth wipe from rub rail down and top deck

Sweep / Remove all Debris

Hand Wax of exterior (no interior or roof)

Gold – $11.90 per linear foot

Cloth wipe from rub rail down and top deck

Slow speed polish of exterior

Hand Wax of exterior (no interior or roof)

Platinum – $29.95 per liner foot 

ALL Gold Services plus interior cleaning, vacuuming, vinyl treatment, windshield cleaning and Treatment (includes cockpit and interior cabin)

Includes emptying of storage compartment in seating and storage lockers, cleaning and vacuuming out and putting belongings back organized.

General Maintenance:

Block trailer with wheels off of ground – $95

Grease trailer bearings, check for wheel looseness on hubs and lugs, spray corrosion guard and lithium grease on trailer springs, coupler, linkages, brake fittings etc.  $150 including material

All engine maintenance, electrical work, diagnostics, electronics installation etc is priced on a case by case basis.